The Friends of the East Fishkill Community Library has been an organization of volunteers to help our library flourish since 2009. We feel our mission has been fulfilled. The following is our final report. .

The Friends of the East Fishkill Community Library was formed in 2009. After our start-up phase, the library’s Board of Trustees requested that we partner with them in supporting the project to upgrade the Children’s Room. In response, the Board of Directors of the Friends committed to raise $45,000 under the auspices of the Children’s Room Campaign. Not only did we accomplish that, but the community supported our efforts over the years to raise more than $120,000 for the betterment of the library which we all treasure so much.

Those donated funds enabled the completion of many projects, including installation of the Wi-Fi Center, upgrading of all library computers for both staff and patrons, extension of the art exhibition area, purchase of soundproofing panels for the Mary Alley Room and other areas of the library, purchase of various items of library furniture, and many other ancillary items. The crowning achievement, of course, was the creation of the dedicated Children’s Room of which we are all so proud.

Recognizing that the Friends have raised more than $120,000 over the past six years, and looking favorably upon all the areas of the library which have been improved due to the efforts of the Friends, the support of our members and the gracious generosity of the community, it is the consensus of the Friends Board of Directors that our mission has been fulfilled to the best of our ability. Consequently we have reflected upon our accomplishments and, with many happy memories, have decided that the time has arrived to commit our organization to the path of disbanding.

We would like to thank all of you who helped us achieve success, for without you, we would have accomplished little. You donated your time, your talent and your personal funds all in the cause of making the library a better place. You volunteered when we needed to man a ticket booth, spread mulch, set up for a craft fair or gala evening of food and music, or submit a treasured heirloom for appraisal by an antiques expert. There are no words that can express our appreciation for all that you’ve done to make the library a better place in which children can learn about the power of imagination while they improve their reading skills, in which job seekers can use the library resources to identify employment possibilities, in which seniors can find a friendly place to do some casual reading, in which members of the public can do everyday research, or in which students can find the material they need to advance their individual studies. When all is said and done, we can reflect with satisfaction that the library is now a better place and an expanded resource for the community that it serves so well.

Peter Berasi,
President, Friends of the East Fishkill Community Library
on behalf of the Friends Board of Directors

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